Do not share your wikispaces nickname and password with anyone else but yourself, your parents, and Mr. Sheng. Your username starts with 2020 and followed by 4 digits after that. Your password is in the format of an animal, a number, and a fruit, with no spaces and no capitals.

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Kaila B

Jamere B

Mia B
James B

Grace C

Shaun B
Spencer C

Adamo D

Alessandra C
Sabine C

Natalie F

Olivia G
Jack D

Blaise G

Ella H
Hannah D

Ashley G

Katie L
Gabe F

Machi H

Nathan K
Aidan F

Synii H

Sienna M
Matt G

Olivia L

Nicholas M
Mason H

Joseph M

Kaitlyn Q
Lola H

Max M

Antonio R
Christine L

Grace O

Jackson T
Owen M

Gavin O

Dan W
Sophia W

Henry P

Sophie W
Izzy Z

Evelyn S

Nyla W

Ava G
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