Rube Goldberg

Our Rube Goldberg project was an elevated inclined plane which had a pair of kicking legs on top that would kick the ball down the inclined plane that hits a car. The car goes down another inclined plane, onto the table with the bell then hits the bell.

-Sarah, Nick, Aige

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The project must include at least THREE simple machines in its construct.
The following roles must be assigned and carried out by the lead of each role. Each team member must fill at least one lead role.
Lead Designer #1/Simple Machine (can have assistants) Sarah
Assistants (if any):
Lead Designer #2/Simple Machine Nick (can have assistants): Assistants (if any):

Lead Designer #3/Simple Machine Adriana (can have assistants):
Assistants (if any):

The Lead Designer #1, #2, #3 are the ones who design each machine. Please also list the type of Simple Machine. If your team chooses to make more than three simple machines, at the bottom of the document add Lead Designer #4/Simple Machine and so on.

Lead Acquisitions for Design #1 (can have assistants):Sarah
Assistants (if any):
Lead Acquisitions for Design #2(can have assistants): Nick
Assistants (if any):

Lead Acquisitions for Design #3(can have assistants): Aige
Assistants (if any):
The Lead Acquisition is the one who retrieves the necessary materials that the designer(s) needs.
Lead Programmer (can have assistants): Nick
Assistants (if any):

If applicable, the Lead Programmer is the one who programs the Lego WeDo software.
Lead Illustrator/Scribe: Sarah
The Lead Illustrator/Scribe is the one who draws out the designs and illustrates/describes how the machines work together and the overall process. They should make paperslide-type illustrations for the video from the brainstorming process, as well as, any other illustrations and/or descriptions to help elaborate on the project. If you need a camera, ask Mr. Sheng. He will also upload the photos for you.
Videographer: Aige
The Videographer videos the working Rube Goldberg machine. Mr. Sheng will upload the video for you.
On Air Talent: Sarah
The On Air Talent talks about the machine on camera and describes what the audience is seeing and so on.
Wiki Master: Aige
Wiki web address: _
The Wiki Master is in charge of documenting the project on the Science Lab wiki (including designs, illustrations, descriptions, who was in charge of each design, design changes/upgrades, problems encountered, how problems were solved, the video, and any additional information.
Project Manager: Nick\
The Project Manager keeps everyone on schedule, makes sure the different roles are doing their jobs, and keeps the peace.