Title: Mock Rock Lab Lab Date: Lab Partners: Sedev Presley & Brian Nolan Teacher Names: Mr. Sheng & Mrs. Myers
Lab Question/Problem: What are the properties a geologist might use to describe the rock water .minerals, peas and dust
Hypothesis: If I break down the rock, then I will be able to find out what it is made of: peas. dust, water, salt, and minerals
Materials: list all materials used. copybook,pen, magnifying glass, Pan balance,and rock
Procedure: First, we examined the rock with a magnifying glass. Next, we started picking at the rock. then we cut the rock into three pieces to see what was inside.
Describe the rock in detail. it was dusty, with green peas, very dry and jagged
-Make surface observations. rock is very hard and dusty. has green peas inside
- Sketch or trace the rock and write observations.
-Make magnified observations. when under magnifying glass i see the separation of the properties
-Draw a magnified view of a small part of your rock.
-Measure the diameter (the distance across) 4-inches
-Measure the circumference (the distance around) 8 inches
-Measure the depth (the thickness)
-Measure the mass
-Break rock into three pieces, use picks to break the rocks apart and separate into the different ingredients sorting them into piles.
-After sorting, h. observations of each pile.
Observations: Include the above observations and measurements, plus the observations of the vials, any digital and/or dissecting microscope observations, and evaporated blister slide observations.
Conclusion: Answer the Hypothesis here. peas, dust, water, salt and minerals