Title: Mock Rock Lab, 11/18/10 Mr. Sheng and Mrs. Meyer, Jean-Marie, Michel, Katie
Lab Question/Problem: What are the properties a geologist might use to describe rocks?
Hypothesis: If I break down the rock, then I will be able to find out what it is made of:
Materials: water, food coloring: (red,yellow,blue), flour, salt, alum, sand, gravel, shell, peas: Also nail, ruler, paper clip, magnifier, tape ruler
Describe the rock in detail.
-Make surface observations.
- Sketch or trace the rock and write observations flat, looks sandy, little rocks, pale, tan color, hard, very solid, circle-like
-Make magnified observations.
-Draw a magnified view of a small part of your rock.
-Measure the diameter (the distance across)
-Measure the circumference (the distance around)
-Measure the depth (the thickness)
-Measure the mass
-Break rock into three pieces, use picks to break the rocks apart and separate into the different ingredients sorting them into piles.
-After sorting, write observations of each pile.
Observations:diameter: 2 1/2 in. 6 cm. circumference:25 cm. depth:0 in. 0 cm. mass: 50.3g The Vials: first were very cloudy, grayish blue water. then it got greenish blue,dust at the bottom
Conclusion: If you break the MOCK ROCK you will be able to find what some of the materials are.