external image 100_1212.JPGTitle: Model Model Cell . Aaron Nuble Bryan Nolan Samantha Peacock Sedhev Preasly. Mr Sheng and Ms Myer. The January10,2011. Materials -toothpicks,sticky notes,candy,raisons,model magic.
Procedure -
Take a paper plate and write your name on the edge of the paper plate.
Take five toothpicks and five pieces of tape. Make them into flags. Label each flag - nucleus, mitochondria, vacuole, cell membrane, and cytoplasm.
Take Model Magic. The modeling clay is the cytoplasm of your cell. Cytoplasm is a jellylike material that fills the space of a cell.
Using your thumb, make a small indentation in the center of the cytoplasm. Place the malted milk ball in the indentation. This is your cell’s nucleus. The nucleus determines the cells activities.
Scatter a few raisins and jelly beans within the cytoplasm. The raisins represent the structures that release energy for the cell (mitochondria). The jelly beans represent the storage areas for the cell (vacuoles).
Place plastic wrap over the cell to protect the cell. This is the cell membrane. The cell membrane controls what materials go into and out of the cell.
Stick the flags you made out of toothpicks next to the nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, vacuole, and one in the cytoplasm.