Title: Mock Rock Lab, Mr. Sheng

Lab Question/Problem:



Describe the rock in detail.
-Make surface observations.
- Sketch or trace the rock and write observations.
-Make magnified observations.
-Draw a magnified view of a small part of your rock.
-Measure the diameter (the distance across)
-Measure the circumference (the distance around)
-Measure the depth (the thickness)
-Measure the mass
-Break rock into pieces, use picks to break the rocks apart and separate into the different ingredients sorting them into piles.
-After sorting, write observations of each pile.

Observations .
Surface observations -
Magnified observations -

Diameter (long) -
Diameter (short) -
Circumference -
Depth -
Mass -
Observations of piles -
Dissecting microscope observations -
Digital microscope observations -
Vial observations -
Evaporating dish observations -