Title: Mock Rock Lab, 11/18/2010, Mrs. Myers, Mr. Sheng,Winston Barnes, Pierce Hodges
Lab Question/Problem: What are the properties a geologist might use to describe rocks?
Hypothesis: If I break down the rock, then I will be able to find out what it is made of:
Materials: picks, measuring tape, ruler, triple beam balance, sorting dish
Describe the rock in detail.
-Make surface observations.
- Sketch or trace the rock and write observations.
-Make magnified observations.
-Draw a magnified view of a small part of your rock.
-Measure the diameter (the distance across)
-Measure the circumference (the distance around)
-Measure the depth (the thickness)
-Measure the mass
-Break rock into three pieces, use picks to break the rocks apart and separate into the different ingredients sorting them into piles.
-After sorting, write observations of each pile.
Rock Observations

The rock is glittery, has little rocks inside the rock that are green, the rock is bumpy, the rock happens to look sandy but only if you break it down with your picks you will see that the rock is truly not as sandy as it looks. The measurements are, across the top is "7 1/2 centimeters", around the rock is "12 centimeters", the depth of the rock is "1/4 centimeters", and finally the mass of the rock is "37 1/2 centimeters".

Vial Observations

My vial observations are,

There is blue sand that happens to be floating at the top of the vial. The water seems as that it has blue green water in the middle and all around. There happens to be blue sand at the bottom of the vial but has a sense of blue to it. The sand and materials that the rock is made up of gets deeper as it goes down the vial and into the blue water. In that a way the the sand gets deeper in the vial but there is a layer where it is lighter then its surrounding layers.


What Do I think the rock is made of?

I think that the rock is made of sand, green rock, and smooth grey clear rock.