Skeletal/Muscular Systems Project

Primary Concepts
What are the building blocks of the body?
What is formed when cells of the same type work together?
What do groups of tissues form?
What do groups of organs form?
What are the four functions of the skeletal system?
support, protect, provide places for muscles and allow movement.

What are the main parts of the skeletal system?
bones, joints, cartilage, marrow

What is the function of the muscular system?
for the body to move

What are the main parts of the muscular system?
smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles Tendons Legaments

What are three types of muscles and what are the other names of them?
Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles. cardiac and smooth muscles are involuntary muscles.

What is the function of each of these three muscle types?
Cardiac help pump blood. smooth help digest food. skeletal help movement.
Secondary Concepts:
Why do Skeletal muscles work in pairs?
When one muscle contracts the other one relaxes
What additional information can you share about the skeletal/muscular system?
Bones are made of protein and calcium.
An adult human has 206 bones in their body.
Humans have endoskeletons which means our bones are on the inside of our bodies.