Title: Earthquake Lab, Brandon, Chafen, Eva, Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Sheng December 31, 2011
Lab Question/Problem: How do the Earth’s plates sometimes stick and then move past each other? When Earth plates get stuck, the two plates keep pushing. Once they are released, that may cause a big earthquake or a little one depending how much they were stuck.
Hypothesis: If I make a model of an earthquake, then I can better understand how an earthquake occurs.

Materials: Self Sticky Note, plastic cups,water
1. Stick the self-stick note to a table. Be sure that about 1 in. of the short side of the self-stick note is hanging over the edge of the table. Also make sure the self-stick note is firmly stuck in place.
2. Fill the cup ¼ full with water. Place the cup on the center part of the self-stick note that is on the table.
3. Carefully and firmly pull the self-stick note straight out from under the cup. The sticky part of the note will stop you from easily pulling it all the way out. Observe what happens to the water.

Observations: When Eva pulled the self sticky note it rippled or vibrated. Chafen and Eva did not know that was supposed to happen but, I did.
Conclusion: Eva and I had to keep trying and trying again and again until we saw what we needed.
1. How is snapping your fingers like the movement of the self-stick note? It takes time to learn how to snap. It took some time for Eva, Chafen, and I to pull the self sticky note.
2. What did you observe about the water in the cup when you pulled on the self-stick note? The water rippled or vibrated as Eva moved the self sticky note.
3. Scientists often infer things based on their observations. What can you infer might happen when plates are moving past one another if the pressure between the plates is suddenly changed? I can ifer that it might be huge earthquake somewhere if the pressure between the plates were low.

Title: Volcano Lab, Brandn, Eva, Chafen, Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Sheng. January 1, 2012
Lab Question/Problem: How is a volcano like a balloon? They both have air inside of them.
Hypothesis: If I make a model of a volcano, then I can better understand how a volcano occurs.

Materials: electric bike pump, hand bike pump,bottles, rice puff cereal.
1. Attach an air pump to the hole in the bottle that is filled with rice cereal.
2. Pump air into the bottle. Observe what happens.

Observations: Medium sized bottle was the one that made the most explosion. Everybody was shock that the medium sized one made the most explosion. When Mr.Sheng put the electric bike pump in it hardly did anything. Some people thought with the electric bike pump it would make it explode.

1. What happened to the cereal when you pumped air into the bottle? When Mr.Sheng pumped air into the big sized bottle it exploded just a little bit. The electric pump did worst.
2. How could you make more cereal shoot out of the bottle? By not using the electric pump and puting only medium bit f puff rice.
3. Scientists often make a model to help them understand things that happen in nature. How is the bottle used to model an erupting volcano? You can understand how a volcano erupts and how much magma it needs to erupt.